Personal Writings of Josh Cogliati

If you are looking for my professional and academic writings, see my publications page.


Personal statement written back in September of 1998 for T&C

Wedding Ceremony written by Elizabeth and myself

Economics of Intellectual Property Kuro5hin, January 2002. This could use some improvement. (local copy)

Patent Status of MPEG-1,H.261 and MPEG-2 Kuro5hin, July, 2008. (local copy)

US Patent Expiration for MP3, MPEG-2, H.264, OSNews, July, 2011 (local copy)

Eyes in the Sky Chapter 1 of a book I am working on (local copy)

Things I Believe On going work to write down what I believe.

faster than light communication and backwards in time communication Attempt to explain why faster than light communication implies backwards in time communication

ough must die Lets just say I occasionally find English spelling insane.


Things I Believe: Truth Sermon I gave on 2011-Oct-9 at UUCIF on my thoughts on truth.

Evolution Sunday Sermon Sermon I gave on Evolution Sunday, 2012-Feb-19 at UUCIF.

If I had a map I'd be using it already, Sermon I gave on Sunday, 2012-Sept-2, at UUCIF on new ethical questions that have come up in the past hundred years. Also available in PDF and TeX

Stumbling in the Dark, Sermon I gave on Sunday, 2013-Feb-17, at UUCIF on various thoughts related to science. Also available in PDF.

Freedom?, Sermon I gave on Sunday, 2013-July-7, at UUCIF on some of my thoughts on freedom. Also available in PDF.

Brains?, Sermon I gave on Sunday, 2014-November-16, at UUCIF on some of my thoughts on brains. Also available in PDF.

Economics, Sermon, I gave on Sunday, 2015-July-5 that explores market and economic systems and why religious people should care about them. Also available in PDF.

Uncertainty, Sermon, I gave on Sunday, 2016-July-3 that describes my thoughts on doubt and uncertainty. Also available in PDF.

Fermi Paradox, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2017-July-16 about my thoughts on where is everybody. Also available in PDF.

Morality without a book, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2018-October-7 about my thoughts on morality when you don't have a book to use. Also available in PDF.

Multiple Hypothesis Testing, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2019-August-4 about multiple hypothesis testing and could Othello have prevented a tragedy. Also available in PDF (Also, the version of Othello with only what he sees is at othello_only.txt

Contagious Lies and Dark Side Epistemology, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2020-August-9 about what happens when we refuse to admit to a lie or have a truth that we believe no matter what. Also available in PDF

Quantum Mechanics, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2020-November-22 that we are all Schrodinger's Cat. Also available in PDF

Ecclesiastes, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2021-August-15 on Qohelet's book. Also available in PDF

Alpha and Omega, Omicron and LaMDA, Sermon, I gave on Sunday 2022-September-25 on God, Evolution, and AI superintelligences. Also available in PDF

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