I believe:

I have made mistakes in the past, and I will make mistakes in the future.

My understanding of the world is imperfect. Sometimes I know more than others, on different times and subjects, others know more than me. I also fail to live up to my own morals sometimes.

If I want Truth, or Love, or Justice it is up to me to work for them and create them. If we want Truth, or Love, or Justice it is up to us to work for them and create them.

Science, i.e. the principle of making predictions and then testing the predictions, is the best way to find out about the world.

Science however cannot answer questions about what the right course of action is.

Both knowledge and morals are required to be a good person. Without knowledge unintential harm can be done. Without morals intential harm can be done.

An action that makes no-one else worse off, and leaves at least one person better off is not immorral.

Voluntary decisions when all the affected people agree can be made ethically however the people wish to.

Government should be by the consent of the governed. Governments should not abridge rights that allow informed participation in government.

Enjoying others pain or suffering is immoral.

If I only care about myself, and only work to help myself, then when I die, what I care about and worked for dies. If I care for others, and work to help others, then when I die, some of what I care about and worked for continues.

Induction is a valid way of learning about the world.

I didn't get to choose who I was born as. Neither did anybody else. Systems that give privileges based on who someone was born as are unfair. Systems are perfectly justly able to discriminate based on what someone does with their life however.

Among other things, humans should try to keep intelligence and civilization going on Earth. I think that it should be perfectly possible for our intellectual descendents to still be on Earth in 100,000 years.

All ideas turn to dust if not renewed. Only by rethinking old thoughts and turning them into our own can we keep ideas from turning to dust. But this rethinking must be done carefully. Otherwise we risk discarding the good with the bad.

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