I get sick of writing ough words. There are about 29 uses of the letter combination in English and about 8 different ways of pronouncing the combination. This is loosely based on the SR:ough proposal at http://www.englishspellingsociety.org/aboutsss/leaflets/tough.php These are the spellings I often use in non-formal writing.

I have gone thru all the non-proper nouns listed by the unix command aspell dump master en | grep ough

Here are some general rules. Between the /s are the IPA pronouciations.

  1. /aʊ/ -> ou
  2. /ɔ/ -> au
  3. /ɒf/ and /ɔf/ -> of
  4. /ʌf/ -> uf
  5. /əʊ/ and /oʊ/ -> o or oe
  6. /u/ -> u

Here is the word list. I grant this list to the public domain (that is use it how you like).