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Glasteroids/index.html: Glasteroids Homepage
Home page of Glasteriods, a shoot the astroids type game that uses GL for 3D effects.

earth.htm: Earth 2025 Strategy and Info Page
Includes Tips, triva, Guide to Types of Military, Guide to Types of Buildings and mathmatical formulas for Earth 2025

fcraft/index.html: Clone Graphics Page
Home page of the Clone Graphics Project. The goal is to create a complete set of graphics for Clone, a real time strategy game.

homepage.shtml: Josh Cogliati's Home Page
Josh Cogliati's homepage

resume.html: Resume
Josh Cogliati's online Resume

spacewar.htm: Space Wars Home Page
Space Wars is a implementation of the original Space War's game.

study.htm: Study Home Page
Study is a simple computer self tester useful for learning languages and self studying.

dl/ldescent.html: Descent on Linux and BSD
Describes the various Descent I programs that exist for Linux and FreeBSD including D1x and LDescent.

easytut/easytut/index.html: Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python

fcraft/screenshots.html: Clone Graphics Page Screenshots
Screenshots of the Clone Graphics Project.

easytut/easytut/easytut.html: Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
easytut/easytut/footnode.html: Footnotes
easytut/easytut/node1.html: Front Matter
Front Matter
easytut/easytut/node10.html: Boolean Expressions
Boolean Expressions
easytut/easytut/node11.html: Defining Functions
Defining Functions
easytut/easytut/node12.html: Dictionaries
easytut/easytut/node13.html: Using Modules
Using Modules
easytut/easytut/node14.html: More on Lists
More on Lists
easytut/easytut/node15.html: Revenge of the Strings
Revenge of the Strings
easytut/easytut/node16.html: File IO
File IO
easytut/easytut/node17.html: The End
The End
easytut/easytut/node18.html: About this document ...
About this document ...
easytut/easytut/node2.html: Contents
easytut/easytut/node3.html: Intro
easytut/easytut/node4.html: Hello, World
Hello, World
easytut/easytut/node5.html: Who Goes There?
Who Goes There?
easytut/easytut/node6.html: Count to 10
Count to 10
easytut/easytut/node7.html: Decisions
easytut/easytut/node8.html: Lists
easytut/easytut/node9.html: For Loops
For Loops

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