SpaceWars is a two player implementation of the original arcade game Space Wars. In it two players battle it out around the sun. Primary programming by Peter Hirschberg (webpage at Current programmer is Josh Cogliati at




I have used it on a 486 66 MHz with 16 MBs of RAM. It should run on any computer capable of running windows. The source code should run on both Visual C++ 5.0 (some modification may be required) and Borland C++ 5.02


If you have questions, feature requests, thank you notes or any other reason to contact me feel free to email me at I usually will get back to you within a week. I judge how much time I work on my computer projects based on how much feedback I recieve.

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Future Plans

Find new Maintainer

Is anybody interested in maintaining spacewars? I no-longer use Windows anymore and have lost interest in Spacewars.

I am also willing to listen to any suggestions you have.

ScreenShots (for lack of any better Idea of what to include in this page)

Picture of main screen

Picture of the main screen.

Picture of the configuration dialog box.

Picture of the Spacewars configuration dialog box.