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Always under construction. Until Earth 2025 stabilizes (A.K.A. stops changing so much) I will probably not be updating it as much. School work, my life and also Study are taking up most of my time. I may begin keeping this page uptodate in the summer. I will still sometimes add links to other pages.

Added 1997-Dec-19 The amount of food military consumes.
added 1997-Dec-25 Beta Guide to types of Buildings.
added 1998-Feb-14 Rewrote Gaining Networth section.
added 1998-Mar-21 Tech produced in one turn, recieved from Daniel Wahlqvist
added 1998-July-25 Several Links
added 2002-Jan-26 Added link to Daniel Eloff good page.

This webpage is designed for YOU. If there is any information that YOU want to see here email me I am no longer interested in email about Earth 2025

Thanks to blackout (who wrote most of the original gaining Networth section) and catmaster for some of the tips.  I am willing to include any submissions you send me if I think they are worthwhile.

I am interested in any information about the game that is not in solaria docs.

How to gain Networth:

Note: These are my recommendations, not the law

Stage 0: Read (or at least skim) all the documentation

The documentation that Solaria provides gives a good overview of how the game works. Reading it all will help greatly. It is available at Instructions

Stage 1:Your first hundred acres

The goal at this stage is to fill up those empty acres and build up enough economy to be able to fill up the land you will explore.

First, change your tax rate to 20%-35% and change your economy to what you want it to be.

Begin by building 5 Enterprise zones and 5 Residenceses. You will need about 10-15 farms to feed the population on a hundred acres. When you don't have enough money to build as many buildings as you can, build construction sites. Continue building contruction sites, enterprise zones and residences (and if you want industry) until the hundred acres are filled. Keep the number of enterprise zones and residences about constant.

A somewhat common newbie mistake is to begin attacking in this stage. Don't attack. It wastes military, annoys people and gets you less land then you would get if you explored.

When you have filled up the land, you are ready for the next stage.

Stage 2: Gaining technology and land

The goal at this stage is to gain technology and to build up land. Only with a solid technology base will your country be able to thrive. The amount of land you have is a huge factor in your success. Large amounts of land can produce the most military.

Prior to massive exploration you want about 100 enterprise zones, 90 residences, 30 farms, and 70 construction sites. (You will have to explore about 200 acres to do this

Explore until you have about 2000 acres. Now you are ready to gain technology.

There are three ways to gain technology:

  1. Build Research Labs. This is the simplest and the way I recommend for the beginning country. Fill about 80% of your land with Research Labs and then research using them. When you are done destroy all the labs and fill up the land with something else.
  2. Buy technology. Typically in the marketplace the prices I see for technology are too high for a starting economy (especially early in the game). I recommend this method for later in the game when your economy is strong (aka large amounts of money are available). Watch the market for a few days and wait until the tech you want is cheap.
  3. Steal Technology. Basically you use Espionage against countries with a lot of land. I do not recommend this strategy since spies are increadibly expensive, and countries don't take to kindly to having tech stole from them. One country in a game I was playing stole 3000 tech per turn (from me). That was far more than you get from research. However the country no longer existed 24 hours later (when I looked for them so I could wipe them out >;-) ).

This is the first stage that you have to worry about defense. Before you begin to worry about research first build about 50 or so industries. Produce lots of turrets and a little of everything else (I personally set it to 60% turrets, 10% everything else). These industries will steadily pump out military with out you having to worry about them.

The maximums (if Patel hasn't changed them yet) in technology are Military 83%, Medical 67%, Business, Res, and Ag 200%, Warfare 10%, Weapons 150%, Industrial 150%, and SDI 100%.

Continue to gain technology until you have come close (with in a few percent) of maxing out the technologies. Then double the tech levels of the technology that is vital to your strategy (for example if you are planning on selling military, double the Military tech levels.).

When you are done gaining technology you are ready for the next stage.

Stage 3: Long term strategy

The Goal, Become ranked number 1

You have probably been playing for about 1-2 weeks. Your country is now begining to become strong. You have a solid technological and economic basis to do what ever you want. Now you have to choose how you want to try and win the game.

Basically there are two over all strategies:



Misc. Suggestions

Use the daily challenge and logout after turns. This will give you 4-5 more turns a day.

Also, try tweaking your tax rate. Start at 25%. There is a perfect balance where you can make the most money, though. So, you might want to lower it a little.

Here are some formulas:

Note: all the formulas are ±1% and ±1.

Note: have not update for Jan 20 server reset.

ARC=Old formulas no longer used

S2=server 2 and server 1 (Note: I haven't checked all the formulas on server 1 yet or server 2 Jan 20 reset)


UA=unused acres

TR=tax rate (example .25 for a 25% tax rate)

CS=construction sites

RE=Residence areas

EZ=enterprise zones

Lab=total number of research labs

PCI=Percapita Income

EffectProductivity gotten on the Research page. For Example if it said Max Productivity: 105% of Normal then EffectProductivity=1.05

EffectPopulation is similar to Effect Productivity


POP±5=12*(1-TR)*(A + 2*RE)*EffectPopulation

PCI=floor(EffectProductivity*(22.75-25*TR)*(1 + 2*EZ/A)*(democracy 1.15:Republic 1.08: Monarcy 1:Dictatorship .87: Tyranny .83)

Networth=95*A + 70*(A-UA) + 2*troops + 2.5*jets + 2.5*turrets + 8*tanks + nuclear + chemical + biotech + POP/3 + money/10000 + Sum_of_Tech_Levels

S2:amount of construction/turn + -1=floor((.33*CS + 5)*(democracy 1.1:else 1))

cost of construction=2*A + 1500

production of farms=EffectAgriculture*(45*Farms + UA*4)

cost of military=.15*troops + .1*jets + .1*turrets + .53*tanks + .8*spies

cost of land=4*A

expected taxes=PCI*TR*POP

tech produced in one turn = 0.4*lab(1 - (1 - lab/A)/2) + 3

Thanks for the above formula, Daniel Wahlqvist

ARC:amount of construction/turn=floor((.5*CS + 5)*(democracy 1.1:else 1))

ARC:purchase cost of military=cost*(1-.5*MilitaryBases/A)   (In other words the effect of military bases (was wrong))

ARC:cost of military=0.08*troops + 0.097*jets + 0.097*turrets + 0.255*tanks + 0.3*spies

If you know of anymore formulas or think these are wrong contact me at I am no longer interested in email about Earth 2025

I have obtained these by statistical analysis.


This info is archaic

About industry: Did you know that industries can produce military even when the country can not pay the expenses on it? I lost a game because of that fact (I had destroyed his economy by guerrilla warfare but could still not beat him in regular attacks).

In my experimental country I found out that raising taxes to a level (like 35%) will give a higher population than lowering taxes to the same tax level. Tax Pop up to 35 % from 30% 803 down to 35 % from 40 % 799

There is not much difference but it is a interesting fact.

Here are the Research maximums.

It never goes past 200% on population/economy. 67% for the first two. 10% for warfare and 100% for SDI.

Guide to types of military

Guide to Types of Buildings

Let the Players Choose!

This idea is probably dead. I no longer care about it.

Evolutionary Game Selection

Survival of the FUNNEST

Through out Earth 2025's history great debates have rage on. Right before the 2.0 games the idea of networth attack restrictions came about. During that time wether or not you could attack other countries depended on what week it was. (I remember networth attack restrictions changed about 3 times) Clearly any change in Earth 2025 is bound to be heavily argued.

I propose a new way to decide how changes are made.

  1. Every server restart should have 10 different types of games. In each type of game there would be several games.
  2. At server restart the 5 types of game with the most players in them continue to be played.
  3. 5 new variations are created. The cycle continues.

(Basically: Have several different types of games and keep the most popular)

This method has the advantage that the PLAYERS choose which variations are used. The previous way of listening to the players to decide what variations to make has been to listen to who makes the most noise. My proposed method would allow the players to choose by playing their favorite variation.

Proposed game types (variations):

What do you think? Email me at I am no longer interested in email about Earth 2025

Think its a good idea? Create a updated webpage about it.

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