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Help the FCGP

There are many ways you can help the FreeCraft Graphics Project. If you're not sure how to go about a task, try browsing the How-To's for answers to your questions.

Improving Game Artwork

Graphics should be the same size as the graphics in the Image Gallery or twice as big (otherwise some nasty scaling may happen). The prefered format is RGB png. Please include who created the graphics.

Graphics sent to this project MUST be modifiable and redistributable. Any graphics submitted will be assumed to be released under the Terms & Conditions set forth on the Legal Stuff webpage unless you state otherwise. ANY GRAPHICS THAT ARE MODIFICATIONS OF ANY COMMERCIAL GAME/IMAGE WILL BE REJECTED.

  1. Find some artwork that you think needs improving by browsing the Image Gallery.
  2. Read the design specs for that particular piece of artwork on the To-Do List.
  3. Read any appropriate How-To's that relate to the image(s) you chose.
  4. Read and agree to the Legal Stuff.
  5. Email your "new & improved" artwork to

Writing How-To's

If you would like to share your artistic knowledge (technique, tips, tricks, etc.), the best method to do so is writing a How-To geared specifically for the FreeCraft Graphics Project. Don't worry if you don't know how to write html; simply type your how-to up and save it as a plain text file. ANY HOWTOs CREATED IN MS WORD OR SIMILIAR WYSIWY(dont)G PROGRAM WILL BE LAUGHED AT AND PROMPTLY DELETED. We simply don't have time to clean up the mess that those type of programs produce. Email your completed how-to (with the name and email you want to appear on the how-to) as an email attachment to nate.

Contributing Game Code

If you would like to contribute source code for FreeCraft, please visit FreeCraft.Org or FreeCraft's bugtracking system.


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Last Updated: 30/06/2000