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Welcome to the FCGP

The FreeCraft Graphics Project was created to develope production quality free graphics for FreeCraft. FreeCraft is a free fantasy real-time strategy game engine. It is a clone of the real-time fantasy strategy game W*rCr*ft II. It is cross platform and currently compiles and runs under GNU/Linux or BSD (X11 or Console) and Win32.

Calling All Artists

The FCGP needs your help. If you are a talented computer graphics artist (newbies are welcome too) that is looking to prove your worth, why not do so by donating your time to our cause? This website contains everything you need to get started as a FCGP artist. You will want to read the legal stuff before you begin in earnest. Welcome aboard!

OpenSource Developers Wanted

FreeCraft is licensed & copyrighted to Lutz "Johns" Sammer under the terms of the OpenContent Artistic Licence. If you are an opensource developer who has a love for fantasy/roleplaying/strategy gaming, this is the project for you! Interested coders would be wise to visit the FreeCraft.Org website.

What's New

  • 2001, May 27 - updated & corrected webpages
  • 2001, May 1 - added a hourglass
  • 2001, Apr 15 - got it back in sync with freecraft
  • 2001, Feb 7 - added new cannon explosion, Circle of power and unique alliance farm from Strahinja Popovic, and added alliance refinery from Pascal Arsene
  • 2000, Jul 16 - fixes to sync with cvs and addition of new footman
  • 2000, Jun 30 - FCGP webpages get a new look
  • 2000, Jun 11 - fixes to work with cvs
  • 2000, May 12 - fixes to work with cvs and addition of new balista graphics
  • 2000, Apr 18 - fixes to work with cvs
  • 2000, Apr 14 - started work on prerelease 0.14
  • 2000, Mar 24 - official release of 0.13
  • 2000, Mar 16 - now works with clone-000314 (and doesn't work with previous)
  • 2000, Mar 15 - worked on 800x600, 1024x768 ui for humans
  • 2000, Mar 10 - added Faun (replaces peon) from Lisa Evans
  • 2000, Mar 03 - added knight v2, Panel + Borders from Lisa Evans
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project leader: josh
webpages by: nate

Last Updated: 2000/06/30