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Here you can download the latest packages from the FCGP for use with FreeCraft. Originally FreeCraft was designed to use images from the W*rCr*ft II CDs. With these images, FreeCraft will not rely on those CDs.

Release Instructions

Please Note: These instructions are ment to be generic for GNU/Linux & BSD. Please email nate any clarifications and/or corrects. You could even email some generic instructions for that other operating system. :-)

  1. Make a directory for the FreeCraft Graphics to live.
    • mkdir /usr/local/games/fcraft/
  2. Download the latest FCGP release [fcraft-0.15.tar.gz]
  3. Unzip & Untar the download into the directory you made:
    • cd /usr/local/games/fcraft/
    • gunzip -dl /download/directory/fcraft-0.15.tar.gz
    • tar xvf fcraft-0.15.tar
  4. Link the freecraft clone executable to the fcraft directory
    • ln -s /freecraft/clone/directory/clone /usr/local/games/fcraft/clone
  5. Run ./clone from this directory

FCGP Downloads

  • fcraft-0.15.tar.gz - Prerelease version 0.15 1600+ KB - Works with Freecraft 1.17. Adds buttons from Johns, a dark portal from Strahinja Popovic, the alter of storms, the dragon roost, ogre mound, human barraks and a new human farm from Pascal Arsene.
  • fcraft-0.14.tar.gz - Prerelease version 0.14 1006+ KB - Works with CVS on 2000 July 16 through at least 2001 Feb 7. Adds a improved ballista by qsma. Adds a significatly improved footman and archer by Simon_Britnell. Addes a catapult, a destroyer and a transport by Michael Gibson. Addes a summer tileset by Guardian. Addes orc guard tower, the orc barracks and the orc minimap, the arrows, the winter gold mine, the orc axe by Nate. Adds circle of power and alliance farm by Strahinja Popovic. Adds alliance refinery by Pascal Arsene.
  • fcraft-0.13.tar.gz - Version 0.13 1006 KB - Added Knight and peasant from Lisa Evans, Gold Mine and a logo from Gabriel. Added Peon from Anders Engberg. This version is only compatable with clones-000314 and newer. Added a Faun from Lisa Evans. Added some some ui graphics from Lisa and Guardian
  • fclone-0.12.tar.gz - Version 0.12 738 KB - Now includes support for clone 1.16. Adds large font and improved icons from Johns
  • fclone-0.11.tar.gz - Version 0.11 706 KB - Now includes a winter tileset
  • fclone-0.10.tar.gz - Version 0.10 669 KB - Some of the orc graphics are symlinked to human. Includes knights and flyers
  • fclone-0.03.tar.gz - Version 0.03 ~650 KB - It includes a icons file from David Odin, and tower, castle, and stables graphics from Andrej
  • fclone-0.02.tar.gz - Version 0.02 ~650 KB - It includes an improved font from Nick Lamb, ballista graphics, ship graphics, fire and other improvements
  • fclone-0.01.tar.gz - Version 0.01 ~500 KB - Warning, many of the units and buildings are not in this version and are replaced with black boxes. These graphics are still very rough and are more of a proof of concept than a finished product
  • - Random version in a zip file format

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Palette Tools

  • summer.pal - The FClone palette
  • - The Clone to Gimp Palette converter converts a Clone Palette to Gimp format so that you can draw/index Clone pictures using rgb files. It is written in Python
  • - The Create Palette creates a new Clone Palette. It still needs some work. It is written in Python

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Complete Project

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project leader: josh
webpages by: nate

Last Updated: 30/06/2000