5.2. Esempi


#Plays the guessing game higher or lower
# (originally written by Josh Cogliati, improved by Quique)

#This should actually be something that is semi random like the
# last digits of the time or something else, but that will have to
# wait till a later chapter.  (Extra Credit, modify it to be random
# after the Modules chapter)
number = 78
guess = 0

while guess != number :
    guess = input ("Guess a number: ")

    if guess > number :
        print "Too high"

    elif guess < number :
            print "Too low"

print "Just right"
Guess a number:100
Too high
Guess a number:50
Too low
Guess a number:75
Too low
Guess a number:87
Too high
Guess a number:81
Too high
Guess a number:78
Just right
#Asks for a number.
#Prints if it is even or odd

number = input("Tell me a number: ")
if number % 2 == 0:
    print number,"is even."
elif number % 2 == 1:
    print number,"is odd."
    print number,"is very strange."
Tell me a number: 3
3 is odd.

Tell me a number: 2
2 is even.

Tell me a number: 3.14159
3.14159 is very strange.