2There have been various predictions for dates for when computers will be smarter than humans. Here are some notable ones: Marvin Minsky predicted computers would be smarter than men in 1993 in 1963,[7] I. J. Good predicted ultraintelligent machines within the 20th century, in 1964,[8] Vernor Vinge predicted the technological singularity would occur between 2005 and 2030 in 1993,[9] and Hans Moravec predicted that a $1000 computer would match human intelligence in the 2020s in 1997.[10]

Note that some people such as Michael Shermer and Peter Norvig think that it will be centuries before this happens: Michael Shermer: Patience is what we are going to need because, in my opinion, we are centuries away from AI matching human intelligence.[11] [Peter] Norvig is sceptical about predictions that a technological singularity will be created before 2050: “I really object to the precision of nailing it down to a decade or two. I’d be hard pressed to nail it down to a century or two. I think it’s farther off.”[12]